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Q1.        I need help with my WonderLab Product(s), who can I contact?

You may contact our Customer Service team through email: 


Q2.        What do I do if I have not received my Product(s)?

Please contact Customer Service if you still have not received your parcel after the expected delivery date or fourteen (14) calendar days after you have placed your order with WonderLab.



Q3.        I have removed the Product(s) from the original packaging, but I have never used it. Can I return it?

We will only accept an exchange request if the Product is still in its original packaging.


Q4.        The manufacturing/expiry date is older than I expected. Can I exchange it?

We do not accept exchange request with this reason as skincare and cosmetic products are not considered unusable until past the expiry date. Please be assured that we check the shelf-life of all our products thoroughly and will only deliver the best for you.


Q5.        The Product(s) I have used resulted in unpleasant sensation/reaction on my skin. Can I return the Product(s) and receive a refund?

We are truly sorry that the product(s) did not work as promised. We would also like to apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused. Our products go through several quality control checks before they are delivered to customers. However, individual results may vary depending on skin type, sensitivity, age, skincare products combinations, skincare history, as well as how the products are applied and stored.

Before use, it is advisable to test the product on a small area of skin to check for sensitivity or allergic reaction. Should irritation occur, adjust usage accordingly. If irritation persists, discontinue use, and in the unlikely case of severe irritation, seek professional medical advice. WonderLab accepts no responsibility or liability for any adverse consequences resulting directly or indirectly from the use of our products. Therefore, we do not accept any application for Product Return/Exchange/Refund Request.



Q6. I received damaged/defective Product(s), what should I do?

In the event you have received a defective Product, please ensure the following points for a hassle-free exchange process:

  • The item is appropriately packed with any free gift received (if any)
  • Purchase invoice is also attached

Kindly contact our Customer Service team for further instructions. Please allow 3 business days to complete the product return process.

The postal fee of the defective product exchange shall be borne by the Company and the replacement product(s) will be delivered to you at the Company’s cost. However, the Company shall not be responsible for any damaged packaging such as partly torn or ripped off cover, broken package, breakage and packing torn, of product(s) due to mishandling by the courier company, or during delivery or transportation by the courier company.


Q7.        How do I return or exchange my Product(s)?

We do not accept return or exchange once the Product(s) has been removed from its original packaging. However, return/exchange of Products or refund can be arranged under the following reasons within seven (7) days after the product(s) has been delivered:

  • You have received a defective or expired Product; or
  • You have received a different Product from what you have ordered

Any other reasons for replacement or exchange of Products will not be accepted and no complaints will be entertained after the timeframe mentioned above.