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What Our Customers Say

4 fayusof 1


The colours are easy to carry and plus dia melembapkan lagi bibir! 👄 

1 julenekhor 2


來自最近很火紅的《 DewiChic Lip Tint Mood Collection by WonderDewi 》里面全是女孩各种日常 moodShy, Loved, Calm, Hot and Cool!
隨意任選來塗都很百搭!我今天上的是Feeling Hot🥰

14 navee 1


I love them because they hugely improve my overall radiance as it really suits brown skin girls like me! It’s also super smooth when I’m applying it, turns matte after application but keeps my lips moistured all day long!

5 nurinafiqaaah 1


Not a heavy makeup person, but lip-tint is a MUST to keep my face looking alive! And this is my current fav one 😍♥️

2 veina05 1


每一款都能輕鬆駕馭,而且不會乾也很持久!出門一整天想補口紅的時候都發現 欸不用補哈哈哈🤣🤣

6 munirahjay 1


All the colours are easy to carry with you anywhere and instantly boost your mood and elevate your elegance!All the colours are easy to carry with you anywhere and instantly boost your mood and elevate your elegance!

3 karenkho 1


The DewiChic Lip Tints are formulated with Vitamin E, shea butter and vegetables oils, ensuring your lips are moisturized all the time. now it comes in a BUNDLE BOX where you can bring all 5 lip tints around easily!

8 murahaz 1


They’re so moisturizing, tak payah pakai lipbalm pun! Thanks to vitamin E, shea butter and vegetable oils in the ingredients! Packaging dia pun comel sangat!!

7 vanessacwy 1


I like how the texture is buttery, it transforms into a silky, lightweight stain that is smudge-proof and its long-lasting formula that will last throughout the day! They can be used as a blusher or eye shadow too 😍

9 nabihahanuar 1


The texture is creamy and it lasts long on lips. It is formulated with vit E, shea butter and vegetable oils that can help to moisturize dry lips like mine.

10 zlkharais 1


I love using the DewiChic Mood Collection lip tint by WonderDewi on my lip! It’s very lightweight on your lips, won’t dry out your lips and most importantly, it doesn’t feel sticky at all!

11 nisaanisa 1


What I love the most about this lip tint is that it doesn’t feel dry at all as it contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter dan sangat long lasting I tell you ✨

12 aintasnim 1


The Lip tint is formulated with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and vegetable oils that can moisturize dry lips. It can also be used as a blusher and an eyeshadow colour, which is very convenient when you bring it out.

13 hashtaglicia 1


Obsessed with the DewiChic Mood Collection by WonderDewi 🤍 A collection that was inspired by every girl’s moods ✨ it can improve your overall radiance and all colours are easy to carry!

15 lifestylebydee 1


The product glides on so smoothly. Senang untuk apply dan tak bersepah! You can use to create gradient lips or full coverage macam Dee buat in this picture. You don’t have to reapply very often as well sebab the formula is quite long lasting.

16 aiweii 1


Each colour is easy to carry and it improves my overall radiance. The best part is that the lip tints can be used in multiple ways including as a blusher or an eyeshadow.



The best part is I don’t have to apply multiple times, and the colours will turn matte after applying. Also, there isn’t any dryness on my lips istg!



The texture is velvety and so these lip tints glide on smoothly on your lips!

Khai Sin


只要塗上一層薄薄的唇釉,整個氣色看起來就很好,還可以依照我當天的穿著搭配顏色 超方便的啦! 🌈 而且唇釉上色後質地是霧面質感,可是又不會像一般 matte 的唇釉偏乾且顯唇紋 👄



Semua colour ni cantik-cantik and boleh tukar-tukar ikut mood and activity yang kita buat 🤗

Sara Azhar


A little goes a long way – you don’t need to apply it all over your lips with the applicator. Just put a small amount and spread it evenly and you’re good to go!

Crystal Swung


每一款都能轻松驾驭, 让妆容更显好气色 而且刷头的设计和唇釉的质地搭配非常好擦 涂上唇很水感 用量不用很多, 上色后看起来很雾面雾面. 但是不会干干的 持久度非常好呀🥰

Fara Nadiah


If korang nak tahu , apa yang best liptint ni , dia tak keringkan bibir and tak rasa heavy bila pakai. Also , korang tak perlu reapply banyak kali sebab tahan lama!



When applying, it doesn’t feel dry and stays on the lips without a heavy feeling 🥰

Alicia Tan


Love love the creamy texture that turns matte, they are so comfortable on the lips (not drying at all!) & it lasts long on the lips!

Syahiera Khamsan


All the colours fit into my daily occasions perfectly!

Dini Zaini


I LOVE these lip tints because they do not feel dry and it stays on the lips without any heavy feeling. The pigmentation is just breathtaking as well.

Abigail Chok


So in love with these lip tints as it improves your overall radiance & the colours are easy to carry

Sarah Hisham


I don’t have to reapply often as these lip tints last long! 👄

Shuhada Rahmat


The Lip tint improves my overall radiance and all colours are easy to carry. I don’t have to reapply often as they last long! 👄



Love how it doesn’t feel dry and it stays on my lips without any heavy feeling but moisturising instead! Also, I would look pale without any colours on my lips so these actually improve my overall radiance ✨Trust me, Dewi flaunts your gorgeous mood!

Amira Balqis


Love how the lip tints don’t feel dry and stay on my lips without any heavy feeling.



The lip tint is moisturised enough that it doesn’t dry your lips and the best part about this lip tint is…. it stays long enough and you don’t have to reapply often!



I am wearing SHY to match with my personality (Fresh and fun)🙈. This lip tint is gonna follow me everywhere I go. DewiChic flaunts your gorgeous mood 👄

Nizz Mohmad


These lip tints don’t feel dry at all, and rasa ringannnn je okey lips kita. Sis approved okey!

Jasmeen Marissa


These lip tints stay all day long even after you eat. Isn’t it cool?!

Joanne Ng


The main reason I love this collection is that they don’t feel heavy when i put them on and the colours stay on my lips for a very long time ❤️

Saidah Kamarudin


All colours are very easy to carry and they improve my overall radiance!

Wen Yi


2 main things that I love about this lip tint are the brush head design that makes swatching on lips so effortless! Also, the tint itself doesn’t feel dry at all even though it comes with a matte finishing! 😘

Alia Bahari


I also love how lightweight the lip tint is, no dry feeling and stays on my lips for a long time!

Riena Amirah


It makes my daily makeup so easy and completes my style!

syasyashamshudin KOL Wonderlab


Haruharu’s Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner is so airy and soothing on my skin and the Black Rice Soft Peeling Gel is my FAVOURITE ❣️

kivchai KOL Wonderlab


我最愛的就是Capsule Essence, 質地非常清爽而且很保濕. 讓肌膚維持清新、有光澤.

mirahaz KOL Wonderlab


I personally love Dewi Hydro the most! It contains 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid in low molecules that provide long-lasting deep skin hydration, which is what my skin needs. I also love the fresh scent of the mask!

zainatunadilah KOL Wonderlab


The Well Nature products are formulated using natural ingredients which is amazing because they are better than products containing harsh chemicals!

amandasongen KOL Wonderlab


The power of Haruharu’s Black Rice Series lies behind its key ingredient, Korean-grown black rice which is super moisturising and nourishing!

helienetan KOL Wonderlab


I’m super conscious about the things I put on my sensitive skin but I’m confident in the products from Well Nature as they are formulated using natural ingredients such as small sprouts germinated within 7 days!

ashlyntanggg KOL Wonderlab


My face looks more dewy, youthful and bouncy thanks to Haruharu’s Black Rice Series!       

Lesliepng KOL wonderlab


The Dust Mirror Base technology in Well Nature’s products helps to keep pollution at bay by providing a defense layer on my skin so I always look fresh!

chenellewen KOL Wonderlab


I love the lightweight texture of the products from Well Nature and they smell wonderful!

Alex yap KOL Wonderlab


我最愛的就是Capsule Essence, 質地非常清爽而且很保濕. 讓肌膚維持清新、有光澤.

joannejojobi KOL Wonderlab


My skin feels thoroughly cleansed and moisturised even after double cleansing using Well Nature’s products during my skincare routine.

crystal swung KOL Wonderlab


我本身最喜歡的是 Dewi Hydro 因为超级补水,而且面膜紙非常服帖让每一寸肌肤都可以享受到面膜的精华液!

abbyhuey KOL Wonderlab


My most favourite mask from WonderDewi would be the Dewi Hydro as it gives long-lasting deep hydration and it’s super light-weight and non-sticky!

winkyqii 0710 KOL Wonderlab


I like Dewi Hydro the most as my skin feels super moisturised – even after a day of using the mask! It contains 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid in low molecules that boosts my skin’s hydration!      

catherine.kaixin KOL Wonderlab


愿每个女生都能做自己心目中的那个女神. 善待自己,疼爱自己. 行管令,你有一天一面膜吗? 我上星期才开始呢~



I’ve tested the WonderDewi masks and Dewi HYDRO is MY FAVOURITE! Gurl, you’re the best *chef’s kiss*. You could see the glow on my face after usage. It leaves your skin supple and smoother. Baby skin!



I personally love the Dewi Bright mask the most as it evens out my complexion. A blend of natural extracts in the mask leaves my skin plump, radiant and smooth all day.



I got to say that I’m loving the outcome because WonderDewi masks hydrate, brighten, repair and soothe my skin!

Iman Nina


The Dewi Hydro mask provides long-lasting deep hydration, giving all the moisture my skin needs💧Your skin will be soft, supple and healthy looking after using WonderDewi!



⁣最近皮膚稍微乾燥但敷上了Dewi Hydro,皮膚真的非常滋潤保濕,面膜上的精華一點也不粘膩。

ameiraasri KOL


I loooveee lovee Dewi Hydro the most! Yang paling best dia tak sticky tau! And it smells good too! Lepas pakai rasa fresh je! Since most of us are stuck indoors now, ni lah peluang kita untuk repair kulit wajah kita!

saidahkamarudin KOL


Kulit i jadi lebih lembut and glowing, sheet mask selesa dipakai!



I personally love the Dewi Hydro mask! It contains 7 types of hyaluronic acid in low molecules that boosts skin moisture 💦

ryhanaizzureen KOL


Due to the hot weather in Malaysia, Dewi Soothe really helps to remove excess heat from my skin after a long day!