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Fruit Juice Drinks

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While fruit juice is a refreshing drink that is enjoyed by most people, it may also cause health complications due to the high sugar and preservatives in the drinks. If you are a big fan of fruit juice then definitely look for healthy fruit juice that is prepared by crushing or cold-pressed from whole fruits. These fruit juices tend to be healthier as they retain all of the important nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, and other minerals like zinc while having lower sugar and calories.

What is Vitamin C for?

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our body with some of the benefits including boosting the immune system and increasing collagen production which is an important protein that supports our muscles, tissues, bones, and skin. Vitamin C can be easily found in a variety of fruits, with some of the more common examples being oranges, apples, and lemons.

Benefits of Zinc

Much like vitamin C, zinc played an important role in your body and overall health. Some of the vital benefits of zinc, other than generally boosting the immune system, are lowering the risk of critical diseases such as pneumonia or muscular degeneration, accelerating wound healing by promoting collagen synthesis for healing wounds, and repairing damaged tissues. Our body can’t produce or store zinc so it is important that we constantly include foods rich in zinc in our diet. You may also find the nutrients in fruits like pomegranates or lemons.

What types of fruit juices are healthier for you?

Fruit juices in the markets tend to have high sugars and added preservatives which will cause issues such as weight gain or changes to blood sugar levels. It is crucial to look for fruit juices with minimal added sugars and added preservatives. Some of the healthy fruits to consider are apples, oranges, and lemons as these fruits are rich in vitamin C, zinc, and other minerals, providing the much-needed antioxidants that promote our overall health and well-being.

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