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Eye Care

Why do we need to use an eye cream?

Skin fun fact: do you know that the skin around our eyes area is particularly thinner compared to the rest of the face? Thinner skin means that they are delicate and much more vulnerable to skin conditions such as ageing. Furthermore, this skin area is also prone to skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles due to the stress put upon the skin associated with our constant blinking and facial expression. To tackle this special condition of our face, eye cream becomes essential as it is formulated with emollients and/or humectants that help to smoothen and hydrate the fragile undereye skin.

Benefits of eye creams

The main purpose of an eye cream is to strengthen the skin barrier around your eye to tackle conditions like fine lines and wrinkles. The existence of emollients and humectants also helps improve the skin texture, ensuring firm skin while also allowing the skin to stay hydrated throughout the day. Some eye creams also consist of occlusives that help to prevent water loss from the surface of the skin.

How to maximise the benefits of eye cream

To fully maximise the value of eye creams and ensure the best out of the skincare products, there are a few tips to follow:

  1. Eye cream is essentially like your moisturiser, so it is best to use it twice a day, in the morning and at night, alongside your usual skincare routine.
  2. Eye cream helps to lock in hydration on your skin. Hence, it is best to use it while your skin is damp, especially for people with dry skin.
  3. Applying the eye cream in the correct order in your skincare routine. The rule of thumb is to always apply the thinner and lighter product first. Compare your eye cream with your moisturiser. Your eye cream should go after your moisturiser if it is thicker than your moisturiser, and vice versa.

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