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What is a makeup remover?

Makeup remover , as the name suggests, is used to cleanse your face and ensure that all traces of makeup and impurities are removed completely, down to every pore.

How do makeup removers work?

Makeup removers work by dissolving makeup, making it easier for you to wash it off your face. The makeup remover is capable of breaking the interaction between the makeup materials and your skin, making the process more effortless.

Differences between makeup removers and normal cleansers

Normal cleansers are often used to get rid of the dirt and oil particles from the face after a long day. Makeup remover, on the other hand, can remove traces of facial makeup products including foundations and eyeshadows. However, makeup removers only remove makeup, you'll still need to apply a cleanser afterward to fully cleanse your face.

That being said, be careful not to over-cleanse your face as this will lead to dehydrated skin. The best practice would be to double-cleanse your face. First with a makeup remover followed by a normal face cleanser. Leaving any trace of makeup on your face may cause irritation, and also allergic reactions.

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