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Eyebrow Pen

What is an eyebrow pen?

An eyebrow pen is a practical cosmetic makeup product to have in your beauty kit. It allows you to apply colour to your eyebrows and enhance your natural brow colour. Besides, it is also commonly used for filling in eyebrows and defining eyebrows outlines

How to use an eyebrow pen?

Normally, you would want to start off by brushing your brows with a spoolie to see the brow’s natural shape. This is key as you would then draw the outline on your brow’s shape using the tip of the pen. Next, start drawing strokes along the brow contour in an upward motion while focusing on filling the areas where the hair is sparse. Ensure to even things out for a much more natural look! Lastly, use the spoolie again but this time to groom the hairs in an upward and downward motion to blend in the colour while also working on removing excessive product.

What to look for in an eyebrow pen?

While shopping for your eyebrow pen is an exciting experience, it might also be very confusing with all the options available in the market. There’s no need to go for expensive and high-end eyebrow pens as those do not necessarily mean they are of high quality. For starters, a good quality eyebrow pen should definitely be smudge-proof. Look for an eyebrow pen with a square lead and also a built-in spoolie as these features will come in handy.

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