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Maskne Treatments at Home and Prevention Tips

How to Prevent Maskne?

1. Wear the Right Masks

Choose a snug, comfortable mask that fits your face so it doesn’t rub against your skin and cause skin irritation. You should also avoid low-quality masks that may lead to allergic reactions.

2. Wash or Change Your Masks Frequently

One of the maskne prevention tips is to wash your fabric masks after every use with gentle detergent. If you are using single-use masks, dispose them after use and do not reuse them.

3. Cleanse and Moisturise Your Skin

The most important tip to prevent maskne is to cleanse and moisturise your skin. A good skincare routine can prevent potential skin conditions. Go for gentle, nourishing and moisturising products like the sheet masks and hydrogel masks from WonderDewi.

WonderDewi 7-Day Wonder Kit

Treat your skin to a moisturising sheet mask every day for maskne prevention. Dewi Hydro boosts skin hydration, Dewi Bright improves skin tone, Dewi Soothe calms the skin and Dewi Repair increases skin elasticity. These four sheet masks also come in the 14-Day Wonder Kit and 28-Day Wonder Kit.

WonderDewi Moonlight Hydrogel Masks

Hydrogel Masks are also great for soothing and nourishing sensitive skin. Not only do they provide a cooling and refreshing feel on your face, they also allow optimal absorption of the essence. Besides moisturising the skin to prevent maskne, boosts skin radiance while WonderDewi Moonlight Gravity strengthens skin elasticity.

How to Treat Maskne at Home?

1. Follow a Simple Skincare Routine

If you’re dealing with maskne, now might not be the time to practice an aggressive skincare routine. Keeping your skin clean and moisturised with gentle products like the WonderLab Bel-aek Ageless Series is the best maskne remedy you can follow at home.

WonderLab Bel-aek Ageless Series

This series of products are made with the natural properties of black rice, black sesame and black bean. Formulated without harmful substances like parabens, drying alcohol, artificial fragrances, artificial colouring and mineral oils, they make a good skincare routine for maskne treatment. The Ageless Toner calms and smoothens your skin while the Ageless Moisturiser illuminates and moisturises your skin. The lightweight Ageless Serum can further nourish your skin and aid in wound healing. You can also repair your skin when you sleep with the new Ageless Sleeping Mask . Another new product from the series is the Ageless Eye Cream which can facilitate collagen production.

2. Take a Break from Makeup

Another maskne treatment tip is going light on the makeup, especially under your mask. Beauty products such as foundation, concealer and blush can clog the pores, causing more breakouts and prolong the recovery of maskne.

Maskne is something we can prevent and treat by caring for our skin. If you are experiencing these facial irritations from wearing masks daily, follow the maskne prevention and treatment tips above, and shop for WonderLab’s range of products here to heal your skin.