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Collagen Peptides Benefits & Does It Really Work?

What is Collagen Peptide?

Collagen peptides are very small bits of protein derived from animal collagen, which is a component of cartilage, bone, and skin. Collagen peptides are created by splitting up entire collagen proteins into smaller fragments. They appear to grow in the skin and cartilage when consumed as a supplement or in meals, which may help improve various skin and joint disorders.

These collagen peptides are essential for maintaining the wellness of your bones, skin, and connective tissues, as well as for retaining strong joints, keeping skin supple and protecting your organs among other things. Simply put, collagen peptides are the glue that holds your entire being together.

How Do Collagen Peptides Work?

By restoring some of your body’s collagen supply, collagen peptides — also known as collagen hydrolysed or collagen hydrolysate — are able to prevent illnesses.

While your body produces collagen naturally, you can also increase the production rate of collagen by consuming collagen-rich foods like chicken skin and fish skin, as well as collagen supplements. Edible and external collagen products, including collagen peptide powder, collagen peptide drinks, supplements and face creams, are effective for addressing signs of ageing like lines and wrinkles, skin moisture loss and discomfort in the joints.

Collagen cannot be fully absorbed through the skin’s dermis. To fulfil its work in our bodies, collagen must be broken down into smaller molecules called peptides or amino acids that can then be absorbed.

Instead of using collagen face creams, we encourage incorporating a liquid collagen supplement into your routine like WonderDewi GudGlow ™!

Benefits of Collagen Peptides

The collagen peptides’ benefits are still in the process of being researched. Nevertheless, numerous medical professionals have emphasised that taking a collagen supplement can help in a variety of ways, including:

Better skin health and

Collagen is essential for skin hydration and suppleness. Consuming a collagen peptide supplement can slow down skin ageing by boosting the production of other important proteins, such as fibrillin and elastin.

Boosts skin’s moisture

Collagen is known to have one of the best moisturising effects on the skin. So if your nighttime routine includes using a collagen cream, you’re already on the way to achieving smooth and soft skin!

Maintains skin elasticity

It’s widely accepted that when we age, our skin becomes less vibrant and more wrinkly. Collagen peptides, on the other hand, aid in keeping ageing skin firm and helping you achieve youthful skin!

Reduces joint pain

Collagen is essential for the maintenance of cartilage, which serves as the tough, malleable tissue that cushions joints. Cartilage deteriorates with time, leading to painful disorders such as osteoarthritis. Adding collagen peptides to your routine can help prevent this from happening.

Improves heart health

Collagen provides flexibility and suppleness to your blood vessels. Taking a collagen supplement can help keep them elastic and resist constriction. Happy, flexible blood vessels reduce cardiac strain which reduces the likelihood of having a stroke or experiencing a heart attack.

Do Collagen Peptides Really Work?

Collagen supplements are frequently marketed for their ability to rejuvenate skin firmness, improve bone health, as well as strengthen hair and nails. However, experts are divided regarding whether these supplements may actually achieve these benefits.

Although oral collagen peptide supplements may be useful in increasing collagen levels, there are a variety of skincare products, alternative supplements and lifestyle practices that may be even more successful in enhancing collagen quality and production.

Nonetheless, collagen peptide supplements may assist in enhancing skin and bone overall wellness. Taking these supplements are usually safe, but they may include additional ingredients that aren’t suitable for every individual.

For those who want to give it a go, you can try the WonderDewi GudGlow™ collagen peptide drink!

How to Consume WonderDewi GudGlow™?

  1. The WonderDewi GudGlow™ collagen peptide drink can be consumed right away: just open, sip, and enjoy. No need to add water!
  2. Make sure to shake well before consuming.
  3. Consume only 1 sachet per day, best taken before bed or before breakfast.
  4. The recommended serving size for kids is half the sachet.
  5. Make sure to store in an area that is cool and dry.

Bounce Up Gudness with WonderDewi GudGlow™

If you’re in your late teen years or early twenties, your skin is gradually losing collagen. That means you’re one step closer to premature ageing skin!

With 5000mg of collagen peptides, White Roselle Flower extract and Spinach-Blueberry Synergy Blend, the WonderDewi GudGlow™ is designed to improve skin structure by enhancing natural collagen and strengthening the skin barrier for notably bouncy, supple skin!

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