WonderDewi Flexi GOOODPlan™


It’s your new favourite subscription plan!

Stock up on your monthly beauty supply with the WonderDewi Flexi GOOODPlan™.

With a monthly fee of RM118 (and RM75 on subsequent months after the first month) you get WonderDewi products at an exclusive price! Every month, you will receive a combination of 4 sheet mask variants in the 14-Day Wonder Kit for your daily boost of beauty.

You also have the option to pick either 2 pieces of the Moonlight Hydrogel Masks and a lip tint from the DewiChic Velvet Lip Tint Mood Collection twice a year!

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WonderDewi 14-Day Wonder Kit

The WonderDewi Wonder Kits feature a combination of 4 types of masks- Dewi Hydro, Dewi Bright, Dewi Soothe and Dewi Repair.

Harnessing nature’s best, each facial mask is infused with natural extracts to give your skin the best nourishment and care it deserves!

DewiChic Velvet Lip Tint Mood Collection Set

DewiChic Velvet Lip Tint Mood Collection

Express yourself the best you can with the DewiChic Velvet Lip Tint Mood Collection Set.

All 5 colours are not only convenient to take with you while you’re on the go, but they’re also the perfect shades for you to mix and match, creating the colours that best represent your feelings! So what is your mood today?

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Moonlight Hydrogel Mask Series

The essence infused in the masks melts at body temperature to release concentrated active ingredients directly into the skin. This allows for better absorption of the essence, deeply nourishing the skin.

You can choose from 2 different types of hydrogel masks which are the Moonlight Glow and Moonlight Gravity.

Once you’ve chosen your monthly beauty supply, wait safely at home as they will be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep for FREE!

Look as GOOOD and graceful as a Dewi today!