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What is a toner?

Toners are generally used to refresh your skin while maintaining natural moisture. It helps to remove impurities, such as dead skin cells off the surface of your skin while restoring the skin's pH levels so that a healthy skin barrier is maintained.

Depending on the type of toners, some also help in skin cleansing, exfoliating, brightening, moisturising and more!

How to pick the right toners?

Before deep diving into choosing the right toners, you should determine your skin type. We have a skin type test to help you determine your skin type! For oily skin types, toners that contain beta hydroxy acids (BHA), alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), and salicylic acid will work wonders. The chemicals work greatly to exfoliate impurities while salicylic acid controls the oils from exposure. For people with dry skin, alcohol-based toner may not be the best option, and they should always look for a hydrating type of toner. People with sensitive skin may want to look away from toners with salicylic acid, as the chemical may irritate the skin and cause unwanted rash or redness.

How to apply toner correctly?

Toner should be applied every morning and before going to bed, right after cleansing your face, and before applying moisturiser. Ensure your face is thoroughly washed and cleansed to remove the impurities and oil from your face. Then, moisten a cotton ball or pad with a few drops of toner. Gently apply the toner on your face by sweeping it outward, from the center of your face.

Make sure that the toner is thoroughly applied to every part of your face before using a moisturiser.

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