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Facial Masks For Every Skin Types

In WonderLab, all our facial masks are suitable for every skin type, be it oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, or combination skin.

Bubble mask: Bubble mask is like any other typical facial mask except that it goes through a special oxygenation process, bubbling up once it comes in contact with the air. Sounds so cool but these aren't just for fun; it can do wonders such as exfoliating exfoliating dead cells away and unclogging pores while while also firms up your complexion!

WonderDewi Wonder Kit: Comes with options of a 7-days, 14-days, and 28-days facial mask set. Depending on your goal, whether you want to try out the products or commit to a month-long scheduled skincare routine, we have the mask set that best suits you.

Shop Facial Mask Sets Online

Facial masks have long been a skincare staple by beginners and beauty experts alike due to their effective facial treatment potential and easy application. Want to get one and try it out on your own? Our facial mask sets and bubble masks are available for online purchase. Order yours now today!