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We’re 100% obsessed with the Dewi Hydro Mask

We’re 100% obsessed with the Dewi Hydro Mask

Find out about the Dewi Hydro Maks’s Effectiveness!

It’s official – our WonderDewi Sheet Masks have been recognised and certified! That’s right, the goodness you feel after each time you use a WonderDewi Sheet mask is definitely skin-deep as the nutrients go beyond than just the surface of your skin, replenishing your skin health.

Based on the skin efficacy tests that we have done, the Dewi Hydro Mask restores and locks in moisture as soon as you put it on, combating tightness, roughness and dullness of your skin.

Let's dive into the immensely hydrating Dewi Hydro Mask to find out more about the waves that this mask is making in the beauty scene.


Using the Dewi Hydro Mask is equivalent to your skin drinking a jug of water. Rich in AQUAXYL™ and 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid, the mask provides long-lasting deep skin hydration in an instant! As soon as you take off the mask, your skin hydration increases up to 77.7%!


Your skin will feel plump and bouncy, indicating that the moisture from the Dewi Hydro Mask has been locked in – deep into the layers of your skin. That luxurious feeling of your face being supremely hydrated will last over 6 hours after using the sheet mask.


It was found that after 2 weeks of usage, Dewi Hydro Mask helps to boost skin hydration by 53% and by 8 weeks, the level of skin hydration nearly doubles that value – up to 83%!

The next time you’re picking up something to drink, treat your skin to

some hydration by using a Dewi Hydro Mask from our Wonder Kits!

For the details of the efficacy test, read here

As of now, the products featured on this page are discontinued. Looking for something similar? Check out our WonderDewi 7-day Wonder Kit Sheet Mask here!