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How to Apply Sunscreen On Your Face Correctly?

Sunscreen is essential for your daily skincare routine, as it helps to protect your skin from UV radiation. Learn how to correctly apply sunscreen here!

What’s the one thing we should do when we are out on a hot, sunny day? It’s simple: always, always, always remember to use sunscreen. It is the “it” product for healthy skin. Since we were little, it has been ingrained in our minds that we must never be without it. And yet, it appears that many of us, even as adults, still don’t fully understand why we need it and how to adequately protect ourselves from the sun.

Below, you will get to learn all about sunscreen from the benefits of using it to the correct way to apply sunscreen on your face!

What is Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a solution or cream sold in most pharmacies or drug stores. It’s the first line of defence for your skin from extended exposure from the sun

According to the National Cancer Institute, sunscreen can help protect the skin from the effects of the sun’s damaging rays. To protect users from both ultraviolet A and B radiation, sunscreens work by reflecting, absorbing, and scattering both wavelengths of light.

Sunscreen helps to protect the skin from ageing and damage that could cause skin cancer as well. Applying sunscreen to your face is essential every time you step outside since your skin is often exposed to the sun.

Benefits of Applying Sunscreen On Your Face

When your skin is protected by sunscreen, it will lower your risk of skin cancer and precancerous conditions. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 lowers your risk of melanoma (thedeadliest form of skin cancer) by 50% and squamous cell carcinoma by 40%.

UVA and UVB rays are the two kinds of harmful rays found in sunlight that can cause sunburn, inflammation, and redness. When you apply sunscreen to your face, it protects your skin from UV radiation so you avoid burns and other potential ailments in the future.

How to Apply Sunscreen On Your Face

Wash Your Face

Washing your face with an effective face cleanser is the first most important step. Use your preferred facewash or all-natural skincare products after rinsing your face with warm water. Dry it with a cotton towel after you’re done.

Washing your face aids in clearing your face of all the oil and particles. If you apply sunscreen without first washing your face, the oil will block the sunscreen from sticking as it should and as a result, the benefits of your sunscreen will be reduced. So make sure to wash your face first before applying it.

Use Sunscreen with SPF30 or Higher

SPF ratings are a measurement of how effective sunscreen is at blocking out the sun’s rays. The majority of skin tones should generally stick to a product with an SPF of at least 30 with the phrase “broad spectrum” on the packaging. With “broad spectrum” as part of the sunscreen, it means the sunscreen is good at preventing both UVA and UVB radiation.

Make Sure to Apply on Dry Skin

If you apply chemical sunscreen while your skin is still wet, it might not get absorbed properly. Wait a few minutes before applying your sunscreen once you’ve applied your other skincare products.

Sunscreen should also be applied at the very end of your skincare routine. When you apply sunscreen after using moisturiser , it can help to further block any potentially harmful UV rays.

Apply a Generous Amount

Another great way to use sunscreen would be to make sure you apply a generous coating of sunscreen on your face. Try drawing lines with your product over the lengths of your three middle fingers to get an idea of the suitable amount.

You can never put on too much sunscreen, but with the right amount on the three middle fingers, it should be enough! Apply the sunscreen on your face and dot it around before rubbing it into your skin with a gentle motion.

Wait a Few Minutes After Applying Before Going Outside in the

To ensure effective sun protection, wait at least 15 minutes after applying sunscreen in the morning before going outside. This allows the sunscreen to fully absorb into your skin and provide the necessary protection against the sun’s rays.

Apply Over Makeup

If you often question yourself whether to go for foundation or sunscreen first, the answer is always sunscreen first. Sunscreen should be applied directly to the skin, before any beauty or cosmetic products.

Even if the makeup products you’re using have SPF, sunscreen should still be used before your makeup products to make sure your base skin already has a line of protection.

Always Reapply

Regularly reapplying sunscreen is important because the effectiveness of sunscreen gradually diminishes over time due to factors such as sweat, swimming, and sun exposure. By reapplying every two hours or as needed, you ensure that your skin stays adequately protected from harmful UV rays throughout the day. This helps to maintain the effectiveness of the sunscreen and reduces the risk of sunburn and skin damage.

If you were to remove your sunscreen after a day out, make sure to do double cleansing ! Double cleansing will help remove sunscreen, and make-up, as well as to lessen blackheads and other skin impurities.

Protect Your Skin with Cica Sunscreen

If you’re still indecisive about which sunscreen in Malaysia will be best for you, we recommend trying out the WonderDewi Cica Sunscreen! With SPF50, the WonderDewi Cica Sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage, especially with the constant sunny weather in Malaysia.

The Cica Sunscreen has a chemical formula with 3-in-1 action of moisturising, protecting as well as calming the skin. Furthermore, it protects the skin from damaging UVA or UVB rays, any stresses from the environment along with infrared radiation.

There is no need to worry about harming marine life because this sunscreen uses a formula that is reef-safe. Moreover, since it is rich in Niacinamide and Tocopherol, it restores damage to skin cells. Additionally, it’s great at controlling sebum production and is suitable for all skin types!

Get your hands on the WonderDewi Cica Sunscreen and watch it work wonders for your skin!