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Do You Need Eye Cream? Here’s Why You Do!

Eye creams have long been known to reduce signs of ageing but do you really need eye cream?
Are eye creams just more expensive moisturisers in a smaller package?

What exactly is eye cream?

Eye creams are usually specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes. The skin around that area is more prone to dryness and is quicker to show age and fatigue. Therefore, eye creams are usually thicker and contain more oil than regular moisturisers or lotions. They usually also contain active ingredients that help with problems like fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Ingredients like collagen boost skin elasticity while hyaluronic acid prevents water loss. Choosing the right eye cream can address skin conditions around the undereye area.

Maintain Youthful Skin with WonderLab
Bel-aek Ageless Eye Cream

Infused with the natural anthocyanins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties from the finest black rice, black beans and black sesame, the Ageless Eye Cream is the secret to timeless beauty. It also contains black ginseng that facilitates collagen production in the area around the eyes. It reduces fine lines, improves skin elasticity and combats signs of tiredness. It is also a great under-eye cream for dark circles.

Gentle to the skin, it is formulated without harmful substances like parabens, drying alcohol and artificial fragrance and colouring. This makes it the best eye cream that is mild on the skin.

Who should use eye cream?

Those who are seeing signs of ageing can benefit from a good eye cream. Most people start using eye creams in their late 20s or early 30s. Some people may expect instant results but you need to use it consistently and over time to see real results.

For our younger audience asking “do I need eye cream in my 20s?”, the answer is it’s never too early to start preventing skin ageing. Before your skin starts showing signs of ageing, you should be practising on a skincare routine that is focused on prevention so you don’t have to worry about correction when you get older. Applying eye creams can be a useful step to add to your routine.

Visit a WonderLab outlet or shop online for our best under-eye cream for dark circles – WonderLab Bel-aek Ageless Eye Cream. This eye cream will be the perfect eye treatment to prevent or correct issues around your eyes. If you’re looking to hydrate your eye area without eye cream, you can also use your regular moisturiser. Just apply a light layer and make sure that they don’t contain possible irritants like retinol or exfoliating acid.