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7 Benefits of Face Scrubs & How To Apply Them The Right Way

Everyone has their own skincare routine consisting of various steps. Some may include exfoliation, some don’t. If you’re looking to change your skincare routine and plan on adding a face scrub, below are some of the benefits of face scrub with tips on how to use it.

What is a face scrub?

A face scrub is a skincare product which is used to exfoliate the face. It helps to remove dead skin cells, clogged pores, acne breakouts, blackheads or whiteheads. Face scrubs generally are made with various ingredients such as sea salt, sugar, and honey, to name a few.

Bear in mind that a normal scrub can’t be used on the face due to the fact that the face is more sensitive than the other body parts.

7 Benefits of Face Scrubs

If you’re unsure whether you should start including a face scrub to your skincare routine, below are some of the common benefits of exfoliating your face:

Deeply unclog pores

Our skin would usually produce sebum to constantly moisturise itself. However, when your skin produces excessive sebum, then it would clog your pores. One of the benefits of face scrubs is that it helps to unclog pores by removing dirt, oil, and other debris that can build up over time. This can lead to fewer breakouts and a clearer complexion overall.

Smoothens the skin

One of the benefits of face scrub would be the ability to smoothen and soften the skin. This is because our skin will be dry and dull when dead skin cell build up on the outer layers of the skin. While using a face scrub, it’ll remove all the debris and any form of buildup to form fresher skin.

Prevent ageing

As we grow older, our skin will be more prone to wrinkles and lines. Although our skin will naturally repair itself, the process will be slowed down over time. One of the amazing benefits of face scrubs is that it could heal and repair your skin, making it look youthful in the long run. In addition, face scrubs contain ingredients that have regenerative properties, this means that they can slow down ageing skin and make you look younger in the long run!

Get rid of dead skin cells

Every single day, our skin will shed dead skin cells which can be unnoticeable too. One of the major benefits of exfoliating skin would be the removal of all the dead skin cells to make way for new, healthy skin cells.

Reduce the appearance of scars or spots

Face scrubs can help to reduce the appearance of acne scars or dark spots on your skin. These face scrub tools are made with ingredients that lighten any new spot you may get from an injury so they’re helping both physically as well aesthetically!

Prevent ingrown hair

Prevent ingrown hair

Increases the absorption of other skincare products

Another significant benefit of face scrub is the ability to have other skincare products absorb much more easily into the skin. As the face scrubs clear the pores and impurities, it provides a smoother skin texture that is easier for you to apply makeup.

How to use face scrubs?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using face scrubs so that you don’t damage or irritate your skin. Below are some of the steps on how to apply scrub on face :

Step 1: Identify your skin type

The first step before applying face scrubs is determining whether you have oily, dry or sensitive skin. Depending on your skin type, there are certain ingredients in the face scrubs which could either irritate your skin or won’t be as effective.

If you have sensitive skin: You should opt for face scrubs that are free from ingredients such as natural shells or apricot kernels. In general, look for a gentle scrub that won’t irritate your skin.

If you have dry skin: Face scrubs that contain glycolic acid would be effective as they can also moisturise the skin at the same time. Generally, just opt for face scrubs which primarily focus on removing dead skin cells.

If you have oily skin: Those who have oily skin tend to have excessive production of sebum. Hence, it’s best to opt for face scrubs which contain ingredients that help to fight against acne such as salicylic acid.

Step 2: Rinse your face with water

Then, rinse your face with water to remove any remaining dirt,
impurities or makeup residues.

Step 3: Apply the face scrub on your face

Take a small desired amount of the face scrub and massage it gently in a circular motion all over your face. Start at your forehead and work your way down to your chin. Be careful not to scrub too hard or leave it on your face for too long.

Step 4: Rinse it off with water

After 2 minutes, rinse the face scrub off with lukewarm water.

Pat your face dry with a towel. Finish off with a moisturiser.

Ready to achieve smooth, refreshed skin with face scrubs?

After learning more about the benefits of face scrub and how to use face scrubs, you’ll probably want to get started on including a face scrub in your skincare routine. Watch your skin improve for the better with WonderDewi Cica Gentle Scrub which is suitable for all skin types! The best part? It’s 100% free from parabens, mineral oils, no artificial fragrance and animal-origin ingredients!