Korang perasan tak kulit saya nampak lebih sihat dan berseri? Rahsianya adalah WonderDewi-C!

Yvonne Chua

每天早上或每当我需要补充能量时 , 我都会想到WonderDewi-C, 因为喝了这果汁饮后,我全身上下瞬间充满活力,更有精力照顾 Hannah了。

Tasnim Shah

I’ve been loving these fruits juices. Each pouch is loaded with Vitamin C and Zinc.

Fatin Eqa

Love how pigmented the eyeshadows are! Even my cat has been eyeing the eyeshadow palette this whole time! 😸


Be it cute, elegant, sexy or cool, this collection helps to unleash your personality. It lets you be you 💕

Alia Bahari

Meow! I had so much fun with the WonderDewi Catz collection. It suits my personal style for my everyday eye makeup look.

Aisha Liyana

This cute yet feisty collection is inspired by a cat’s many moods. You don’t have to limit yourself to only one look, flaunt your makeup skills with these easy-to-use makeup and #CatzEveryoneEyes


这整套 Catz Collection 是根据了猫咪的心情与个性来设计的! 一套化妝品就可以化出不同感覺的妝容,超喜歡的。

Sara Azhar

Meow~ Inspired by a cat’s moods and characteristics, let me introduce you to the WonderDewi Catz Collection!

Sarah Hisham

The WonderDewi Catz Collection was inspired by a cat’s many moods. I can be cute or cool depending on my mood. I really love the colours from the eyeshadow palette!


WonderDewi Catz Collection拥有百搭的颜色, 适合新手宝宝. 女生永远不要只在一种造型上 多展现不同的自己 来#CatzEveryoneEyes


Beautiful collection, very pigmented and easy to blend!