WonderDewi Moonlight Hydrogel Mask Series

What is Hydrogel Mask?

A hydrogel mask is a type of sheet mask that has a gel-like texture that soothes one’s skin. The essences infused in the hydrogel face mask melts at body temperature to release concentrated active ingredients directly into your skin. This allows for optimal absorption of the essence, deeply nourishing your skin. Hydrogel sheet masks are often superior to the cotton sheet masks as they provide a sense of cooling and refreshing on your face.

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Phyto Collagen and Peptide

Moonlight Gravity Hydrogel Mask

Moonlight Gravity Hydrogel Mask contains collagen that enriches the hydrogel mask to strengthen and improve elasticity of your skin for bouncier and younger-looking skin!

Key Ingredients
Experience after 1 week of FACIAL mask application*


Firmer and
tighter skin


Fine lines were


Softer and
smoother face

*Individual results may vary, and testimonials are not clamed to represent typical results.

Find your beauty under the moonlight

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WonderDewi Moonlight Gravity Hydrogel Mask

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WonderDewi Moonlight Gravity Hydrogel Mask Set

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