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WonderDewi Daily Sheet Mask

When we talk about a daily skincare routine, the usual cleansers, toners, and moisturizers combo first come to mind. But interestingly enough, we have seen a raise in sheet mask usage in recent years and it has become an increasingly popular option for many people to add to their skin routines. This is most definitely understandable as the benefits these face mask sheets bring to the table are not to be ignored.

Benefits of daily sheet mask

Sheet masks are well known for the convenience it brings to your skincare routine while helping to boost your skin’s hydration level and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients to your skin. As the mask is applied and in contact with your face for a prolonged period of time, it made absorbing the ingredients much more effective. Sheet masks usually contain fewer preservatives or chemicals compared to products such as toners or moisturizers. Hence, it helps to eliminate the risk of skin irritation and itch, making it a solid option for people with sensitive skin.

How to use sheet masks?

Similar to how most skincare routine goes; you should always start by cleansing your face with a good cleanser. After drying your face, unfold the sheet mask and apply it to your face. At this point, it is crucial to make sure there are no wrinkles or creases on the mask. Once done, lay down and let the masks do the magic for your face but always ensure to not have a big motion of movement on your face to avoid the mask getting folded. The recommended amount of time is somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes but vary depending on the products, so do read the instruction before applying the masks. Once the time is up, gently remove the mask and proceed to follow up with your remaining skincare routine, commonly moisturizers and sunscreens.

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Sheet masks are less used in a skincare routine as they might be more costly than other skincare products but the convenience it brings to the table alongside the benefits is something worth exploring. Discover the sheet masks in our online store now where we feature the exclusive WonderDewi daily sheet masks.