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Eyeshadow Palette from WonderDewi Malaysia

Introducing the all-new eyeshadow palette from WonderDewi Malaysia. The 4-pan eyeshadow palette consists of a combination of matte eyeshadows, shimmer eyeshadows, and glitter eyeshadows. Perfect makeup set for a beginner, enthusiasts, and professionals! Check out our collection below!

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Eyeshadow palettes are very versatile when it comes to expressing your mood. With an eyeshadow palette, you can easily create 10 or more different makeup looks.

If you're new to using eyeshadow palettes and would like to include them in your makeup kit, look no further. The Catz Collection's Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect place to start. It's available in Warm and Earth with the combination of matte eyeshadows, glitter eyeshadows, and shimmer eyeshadows!