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Introducing the all-new range of Vitamin C Drinks by WonderDewi Malaysia. Available in lemon and pomegranate flavours. Both of them consist of 500mg vitamin C and zinc to help you maintain your skin health and boost your immunity. Check out our Vitamin C Drinks today!

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Vitamin C is essential for our bodies' vital functions to repair the tissues all around the body. It's also the vital nutrient that helps you to grow your skin, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. Not only that, vitamin C keeps your skin healthy!

Introducing WonderDewi-C, the vitamin c drink that is available in Lemon and Pomegranate flavours. Both flavours are packed with 500mg vitamin C and zinc that help to improve your skin health and strengthen your immune system to fight infections. The zinc content also helps support wound healing and boosts your cognitive function. Check out the vitamin C drinks now!